Ask the Stars

In Ask the Stars, Titus Mutuiria remembers how at the age of ten he seemed to lead a normal life of sibling rivalry with Njorua, Antonnina and Sarah until some events from their past threaten to rewrite his life. Njorua and Antonnina learn that Mutumia Mutana, the mother they have always known is not their biological mother while Titus learns that Muthuri Mukaru is not the biological father of himself and Sarah. What follows is a gripping story of jealousy, fear, loyalty, friendship and love as the siblings grow and confront an array of challenges as the family forge solutions to the troubles that beset them. The story of young love between Titus and Joan and the actions of a lurking rapist in the village bring added dimensions to the story, showing that things are not always what they seem. Eventually, the teenagers and their parents must nurture a love that strengthens their family and that also brings sanity to the village.

The Lollipop Flew Away: Mike Sanse Murder mysteries book 2

In The Lollipop Flew Away Emilio Gitonga is murdered following a quarrel with Bob Thuo, his son. In the quarrel father disowns son and son threatens father’s life. When Bob is found at the scene of crime with the murder weapon he is charged with the murder of his father. The investigating officer, Senior Detective Cosmas Pai, is rattled when Mike Sanse, his ex-partner now a private detective, is hired by Bob’s wife to interrogate the case. Sanse has become a habitual drunk but his eye is still keen and his mind is at its sharpest. Sanse must rescue Bob before the bank repossesses his home. He unearths shocking secrets of lost love, greed, deception, betrayal, murder and blackmail that endangers his own life.