The Bean Seed


I was enjoying ugali madodo when this story came to mind (I must have read it somewhere years ago). There once lived a king. He was barren and aged so he organized a contest to pick his successor. Five boys made the shortlist. Each was given a bean seed with instructions to sow and nurture it for a month. Among the five was a boy from a very humble background. His mother got him the best manure and fertilizer for the task ahead. The boy guarded and watered the seed religiously but alas, the seed would not germinate. Friends and relatives advocated for a switch of the damn seed. ‘Kingship is at stake here,’ they argued. The boy and his mother stuck with the seed. If the seed was good for planting in the eyes of the king it had to germinate. And so after a month of nurturing a bean seed that won’t germinate it was time for submission. The boy attracted all manner of ridicule as he stood crestfallen with a container full of soil without a bean plant like his competitors’. The king was impressed by each plant until he got to the boy. ‘What did you do to my seed son?’ the king asked.

Beans, Beauty Bean, Garden, Green

‘I did all I could but it won’t germinate,’ the boy was in tears.

The king took the boy’s hand, raised it and said, ‘Behold your next king!’

Everyone was stupefied. The audience joined the losers in demanding an explanation. The said winner had nothing to show for a month’s labor!

‘Fellow countrymen,’ the king said, ‘I trust most of us can nurture a bean seed. However, very few of us can nurture integrity. The boy won because a boiled bean seed cannot germinate.’

According to Dwight L. Moody, ‘Character is what you are in the dark.’ Damn, that is deep.

The long-awaited 8-8 is almost here, time to remind someone that a boiled been seed cannot germinate. A seed boiled in hate, tribalism, corruption, theft, incompetence, nepotism, etc.

Unfortunately we are all hungry for dirt, real and imagined, about leaders we disapprove of but never those we prefer. You are a mess should you dissect the bartender, the tout, or your spouse for their part in your life only to spare your leader. We will vote one way or the other not because we have angels and demons but because an office somewhere needs an occupant. That occupant better have the least baggage.


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