The prize aims to nurture and promote creativity in Kiswahili. It was started in 2015 by the French Embassy, Spotlight Publishers and the Nation Media Group. The winning submission gets a million shillings, is published by Spotlight Publishers and is translated into French for publication in France. The first and second runners up are also considered for publication.

Two authors have won the prize this far: Amos Nandasaba Kundu for Nyota Njema Mawinguni and Ngulamu Mwavilo for Mkamia Maji.

Kenyan currency

Submission Rules:

  • The prize is for Kenyans only, whether living at home or abroad.
  • Only one submission per person per year is allowed.
  • The manuscript should not have been submitted elsewhere for competition or consideration for publication.
  • Manuscripts length: not less than 50,000 words for memoirs and novels, 20,000 for novellas and 50 pages for plays.
  • All entries must be in Kiswahili.
  • Entries should be attached in MS Word or Rich Text format, with the title of the story as the file name.
  • The first page of the story should include the title of the story and the number of words.
  • The entry must be typed in Times Roman 12 point font with double spacing.

NOTE: The rules above are based on the call for submissions of 2016. Rules are published in the Nation between July and September.




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