Wizard is an embodiment of the hopes, the fears, the aspirations and the struggles of the guy in the streets. The harder he works the poorer he gets. The harder he tries to tow the thin and narrow the guiltier he is in the eyes of the law. The faster and farther he runs from trouble the closer he gets to it. He has faked it for such a time he has no idea who he really is. Yet Wizard is is full of life and dreams, he sees humour in falling, in rolling and in rising up. It happened to you and you became suicidal; it happened to Wizard and he laughed it off. It is never easy for anyone but, however serious it is, Wizard tells it humourously.

Enjoy his adventures.

  1.  The beginning of muhadhara
  2. The hero of independence missing from history books
  3. How Wizard lost his chance of becoming a mzaliwa
  4. Meet Adolf’s Subjects
  5. 2022 here I come!
  6. Kisangau’s eggs
  7. Carpenter Koigi meets Carpenter JC – Part 1
  8. Carpenter Koigi meets Carpenter JC (part 2)
  9. Wizard becomes an IDP
  10. Let’s salute some heroes – Part 1
  11. Let’s salute some heroes – Part 2
  12. Mama Wizzy’s dilemma
  13. My irreducible minimums
  14. The exam scandal
  15. Wizard in trouble as the hunter becomes the hunted.